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Pastoral Care

​​The Division of Mission and Ministry’s professional staff is made up of trained and experienced men and women, ordained and lay ministers rooted in multiple faith traditions charged to attend to the spiritual needs of students, faculty, and staff at DePaul. Pastoral care can be understood as care for the whole person, including the spiritual or religious life of an individual, attending to the big questions at the crossroads of their faith and their day to day life – for example, questions about meaning and purpose, moral and ethical challenges, relationships, grief, one’s sense of self, and/or one’s understanding of God. Currently, our Pastoral Care Program includes the following:

Individual Conversations 

Sometimes we all need a listening ear, someone with whom to process the questions we face. Wrestling with spiritual questions? Grieving the loss of a loved one or a relationship? Going through a significant life transition? Seeking and/or exploring religious traditions other than your own? Questioning your identity? Please contact any Mission and Ministry staff person from the Religious Diversity and Pastoral Care Team, Catholic Campus MinistryVincentian Service and Formation Team or Faculty and Staff Engagement Team

To schedule a remote call with a Division of Mission and Ministry Staff person, you can schedule an appointment below:


Fr. Dan Borlick 
Min. Jené Ashley Colvin 
Rev. Dr. Diane Dardón 
Imam Abdul-Malik Ryan.

Faculty and Staff:

Mark Laboe, Associate Vice President
Siobhan O’Donoghue, Director
Abdul-Malik Ryan, Assistant Director & Muslim Chaplain
Tom Judge, Chaplain

You can also contact other Division of Mission and Ministry team members for pastoral care and support.  

Spiritual Direction

Looking for a spiritual mentor to connect with on a regular basis? Searching for a deeper connection to your faith? Want to talk with a trained minister, lay or ordained? Complete the Spiritual Direction Request Form and start your journey today.

Prayer Requests 

Specific prayer requests may be submitted to Mission and Ministry by any member of our DePaul Community. During your time here at DePaul if you have any special needs or intentions, please use the Prayer Request Form. In addition, Mission and Ministry staff remembers all intentions of the DePaul community at its regularly-scheduled staff prayer.

Pastoral Care at the Loop Campus / Other Campuses 

Mission and Ministry provides Pastoral Care at the Loop Campus. Contact Abdul-Malik Ryan  or Tom Judge with any questions. We are available to all DePaul faculty, staff and students for consultation upon request.

Prayer Service/Memorials 

Mission and Ministry staff members routinely lead prayer services and memorial services for members of the DePaul community who face situations of crisis or loss/bereavement. We encourage DePaul community members to contact us if we may help in the planning or coordination of such services. Mission and Ministry Staff are happy to provide the opportunity to gather as a community, large, or small, in response to a specific loss or issue.  For student prayer services of memorials, please contact: Rev. Diane Dardón, Director of of Religious Diversity and Pastoral Care.  For faculty or staff memorials, please contact Siobhan O’Donoghue, Director of Faculty and Staff Engagement, or Tom Judge, Chaplain.

Death and Bereavement

When a death occurs, Mission and Ministry staff is available to assist with providing pastoral support or assisting with the funeral or bereavement needs of DePaul families and DePaul departments or groups. In some cases, bereavement notices can be sent to the university community via email. Please contact: Mark Laboe, Associate Vice President for Faculty and Staff Engagement or Diane Dardón, Director of Religious Diversity and Pastoral Care.

Hospital Visits 

Chaplains are happy to provide pastoral care services during times of hospitalizatio​n of a student, staff person or faculty member. When appropriate, a Chaplain will visit in the hospital, provide prayers and/or send a card to the affected parties. Please contact any Mission and Ministry staff person.