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Divisional Mission Statement


A world in which the Vincentian spirit of human dignity and common good inspires people to address the challenges and dreams of today.  


The Division of Mission and Ministry inspires, educates, and actively engages the DePaul community in the praxis of mission integration as we attend to the spiritual, relational and systemic dimensions of our interdependent world. 

In order to actualize this mission, we commit to: 

  • Recognize and care for the sacred dignity of the whole person    

  • Build an inclusive community and sense of belonging 

  • Support a model of distributed leadership and collaborative partnerships 

  • Draw on the wisdom of our Vincentian heritage and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition 

  • Foster intra-faith and interfaith engagement, dialogue, and spiritual growth 

  • Encourage all to work for the common good and to serve others 

  Through the creative interconnection of: 

  • Education, Research and Scholarship 

  • Ritual, Prayer, and Worship 

  • Pastoral and Spiritual Care 

  • Service, Social and Environmental Justice 

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

  • Vincentian Leadership formation