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Seeds of the Mission

The Seeds of the Mission Campaign invited our DePaul community to witness, uphold and celebrate DePaul’s mission-in-action as a tool for reviewing and possibly revising the University mission statement during the 2020-21 academic year.  A seed is a symbol of hope; it holds the potential for growth and new life. During a time of crisis, isolation and disconnection, the Seeds of the Mission Campaign created community, connection and a sense of belonging to our DePaul mission.

Rooted in the Vincentian practice of valuing experience, the Seeds of the Mission Campaign  gathered stories of students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners living the DePaul mission. Throughout Fall and Winter Quarters, twenty Seeds of the Mission  stories were created and shared. Listening to and amplifying  Seeds of the Mission  stories helps us understand who we have been and who we are now, so that we may transform into who we are called to be in the twenty-first century. The Seeds of the Mission  Campaign reinforced that our Catholic, Vincentian mission is alive at many levels of the University. The DePaul community embraces and integrates the mission into their work in profound ways.

Seeds of the Mission  was the first university-wide campaign to gather and share modern-day stories of mission-in-action. One faculty member noted, “During a time when we are physically separated, these stories are a reminder of everything that continues to happen at DePaul even though we are apart.”