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A Day with Vincent: Growing in the Vincentian Mission

Since 2008, the Day with Vincent retreat program, formerly called "Thursdays with Vincent" and sponsored by Mission and Ministry, has involved over 700 different DePaul faculty and staff in a day-long (9-5), retreat experience.  The program seeks to help participants find the time and space in the midst of their busy lives to reflect more deeply on Vincentian spirituality and mission and enable them to meet and engage with other DePaul faculty and staff from across the institution. Each academic year, the Day with Vincent program offers participants a variety of programmatic options from which to choose based on their interests.

2021-22 Dates TBD    Location:  Off-campus, TBD

Join fellow DePaul faculty and staff for this DAY WITH VINCENT retreat program focused on fostering reflection, conversation and learning about the spiritual foundations and application of our Vincentian mission.  This program is designed to be welcoming and supportive to those of all religious, spiritual and philosophical backgrounds and starting points. This retreat day will be held at an off-site location and provide time and space for speaker input, personal reflection, conversation with colleagues, and deep learning about the Vincentian spirit and mission. Transportation provided as needed and participants will be back to campus by 5:00 pm.
2021-22 Dates TBD      Location:  Off-campus, TBD

Join fellow DePaul faculty and staff for this DAY WITH VINCENT retreat program involving an experience of Vincentian community service and reflection. Gather with other DePaul faculty and staff to go out into the Chicago community and give your time and energy to a community partner in need of help and volunteers. The group will meet in the morning for breakfast and a brief reflection on DePaul's Vincentian mission. They will then spend the morning and early afternoon at a community partner site where they will engage in a few hours of community service. Later over lunch, the group will take time to reflect on their day in light of their work and DePaul’s larger mission. The goal of the day will be to have a direct encounter with those on the margins and gain a deeper understanding of the Vincentian spirit and mission in action. Transportation and meals will be provided.

To Register for Workshops: Log into Campus Connection. Go to Employee Self-Service/Learning and Development/Request Training Enrollment. Search for above/desired course by course number to enroll. Enrollment is limited for each retreat day by date of enrollment. Because of the full-day nature of this program, please request approval from supervisors as needed in order to participate in this professional development opportunity. For more information, contact Tom Judge, Chaplain for Faculty and Staff Engagement at 312.362.6699 or at​