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Travel Health and Accident Insurance

DePaul purchases trav​el health and accident insurance for all students for the duration of their study abroad programs. There is no additional charge for this service and the coverage is required.

Learn more about our insurance carrier, CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International) at their website and by reading our CISI Brochure &​ Claim Form and the myCISI Participant Guide

If you have your own insurance or are covered by a parent or guardian, then CISI acts as additional coverage.

myCISI Mobile App

The myCISI mobile app allows students to view their travel insurance documents, check in during an emergency, find medical providers abroad, access telehealth services, view travel alerts and warnings, submit claims, and more.

Available on the App Store 
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Watch a short video about the myCISI app and checking in:


Frequently Asked Questions about CISI Insurance

When you participate in a DePaul study abroad program, your coverage with CISI will be effective on the program start date.
A couple weeks before your program begins, you will receive an email inviting you to log into your CISI portal. Download and print two copies of your insurance card. Carry one with you wherever you go and leave one at home with someone you trust. You can alway log back into your portal for a new copy, if necessary. 
Search for preferred providers in your specific location through your CISI portal under “International Provider Search.”  Particularly if you have ongoing mental or other health concerns, identify potential providers even before you leave.
Many foreign providers prefer payment from the patient when services are rendered. If you contact a doctor or hospital before you go for a visit, CISI can arrange a "guarantee of payment" so that you may not need to face out of pocket costs. 

If you go to a medical provider who is a preferred vendor of CISI, they may be able to directly bill CISI, which means you will not need to pay out of pocket for what the insurance covers. 

If you go to a medical provider who is not preferred vendor of CISI, you will need to pay out of pocket first and file a medical claim for reimbursement. You will be required to submit an itemized bill in order for CISI to process the claim so make sure to get the itemized bill from your health care provider. 

CISI coverage includes mental health crisis intervention over the phone, if you need to immediately speak with a mental health provider.  There are also remote telehealth services available through the "Doctor Please!" app, for virtual consultations regarding minor medical issues.

Yes. In your CISI portal under the “Extend Coverage” section, you will be able to purchase additional insurance directly through CISI for a period of personal travel (up to one month) outside the dates of your overseas program. 

Please note that this plan is separate and different from the group study abroad plan and provides coverage for new covered accidents/sicknesses and medical evacuation/repatriation within the new period of coverage while outside the U.S. A detailed brochure describing the coverage, limits and exclusions is available through a link in the “Extend Coverage” section.


Under the CISI policy, any treatment for COVID-19 is covered as other illnesses, including testing, doctor visits, and hospitalizations. CISI will not cover testing that has not been recommended by a health professional (e.g. for peace of mind or to reduce the mandatory quarantine period). Visit CISI's COVID-19 FAQs to understand your coverage for COVID-19 related medical expenses.