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Sponsored Students at DePaul

Sponsored students are international students who study at DePaul on scholarships provided by home governments, international organizations, home country employers or other third-party organizations or institutions. J-1 exchange students are not considered sponsored students in this context. 

Requirements for Sponsored Students

Some sponsor requirements exceed those of U.S. immigration regulations (e.g. your sponsor may require you to enroll in more credits per academic term than are required by immigration regulations). Please refer to your sponsor financial agreement or contact your sponsoring organization for details about your individual requirements.

Resources for Sponsored Students

SACM Sponsored Students

DePaul welcomes students sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM). This resource is designed to help you meet your scholarship requirements as established by SACM. This information is subject to change. 

Why is there a SACM registration hold on my DePaul student account?

A registration hold has been placed on your DePaul student account for the duration of your studies at DePaul. This hold will be be placed on all students sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM). The hold, and the resulting need to see an academic advisor, are intended as ways to help you meet all SACM requirements as referenced in your Financial Guarantee. These include enrollment requirements as well as restrictions on changing your major, taking online/blended/hybrid courses and participating in study abroad. 

To register for and drop classes you will be required to see an academic advisor in your college office. If you do not know who your academic advisor is, please click HERE to find your advisor

What courses can I take at DePaul?

You are​ limited to taking courses in the degree plan listed on your SACM Financial Guarantee. 

How many credit hours do I need to enroll in each term?

You must successfully complete the following minimum credit hours per term depending on your level of study. 
Undergraduate: 15 credit hours per term (Fall, Winter, Spring). 
Graduate: 12 credit hours per term (Fall, Winter, Spring). 
College of Law: 12 credit hours per semester (Fall, Spring). 
English Language Academy (ELA): All English Language Academy students must be enrolled in four courses per term (Fall, Winter, Spring). 

Summer enrollment is optional unless otherwise required by SACM. ​ 

May I take online/blended/hybrid courses?

Written SACM approval is required before registering for any online/blended/hybrid ​courses. 

May I change my major?

​Written SACM approval is required before changing your major, listed on your SACM Financial Guarantee

May I participate in Study Abroad?

Written SACM approval is required before registering for and participating in any Study Abroad program. 

Will I be enrolled in the DePaul health insurance plan?

SACM provides health insurance coverage for its scholarship recipients so you will not be automatically enrolled in the DePaul health insurance plan. ​If in the future your SACM sponsorship ends and you remain a DePaul student,​ you will be eligible to enroll in the DePaul (ISO) ​health i​nsurance​ plan.

Do I need to complete the SACM Student Consent form?

Yes. As a condition of your SACM sponsorship, SACM requires DePaul University to share your educational records with them. Please complete the Student Consent form accessible through this link, print, sign and scan it to By completing this form you are granting DePaul University permission to disclose your educational records to SACM. ​

Where can I find the SACM Student Registration form?

You will need to complete the SACM Student Registration form when you meet with your Academic Advisor to enroll in classes each term. The form can be found HERE.  Completed and signed forms must be submitted through your SACM student portal as part of your registration request each term. ​

I have a financial hold on my account. What should I do?

If you have a financial hold on your student account, please contact Tiffany Ho, Program Manager, Global Engagement at​​