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Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! We want to celebrate you!

​​​​​Global Graduation Celebration! 

The Global Graduation Celebration will be a virtual, asynchronous video project to celebrate graduating international students and showcase their accomplishments throughout their time at DePaul! 

All international students are invited to submit recordings where they share: 

  • Name 
  • Home Country 
  • Area of study/ major 
  • Why they're proud to be a DePaul graduate 
  • Plans for the future 

Students will submit this video, a photo of themselves, and the answers to these questions into our Google Form 

Our team will compile all submissions into a video and share it with the Global DePaul community. 


Tips for a good video! 

  • Have another person in your household record your video message or use a tripod/household item to hold your phone while recording.  
  • Elevate the camera to at least eye level or above for the most pleasing angle. 
  • Rotate the phone horizontally to shoot widescreen. 
  • Use your phone's rear-facing camera. Do not use the front-facing “selfie" camera
  • Take the video from the front so we can see your face. Do not shoot from behind. 
  • Frame yourself from the shoulders up, tilt the camera so your eyes are in the upper third of the screen (not directly in the center of the screen). 
  • Position windows and lights in front of you. Avoid bright lights and windows behind you or directly above your head. 
  • Try to hold the camera as steady as possible or rest it on a stack of books. 
  • Allow a few seconds of recording at the beginning and end to allow for editing. 

(For example, press record, pause 3-2-1, deliver your lines. Then when you're done, freeze for a count of 3-2-1, then stop recording.) 


A flyer for the graduation video project


Graduation Sashes:

Add some international flair to your graduation robe this June, and order an international graduation sash​.  


Invitation for Your International Family:

Would you like to invite your international friends and family to the U.S. so they can attend your graduation ceremony?  You can use Campus Connect to request an invitation letter from DePaul to help support their visa applications.  Please follow these instructions​ to find out how to do this.​​