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ISEE Peer Mentor Program

Are you a new international student looking to connect with other international students at DePaul? The International Student Experience Exchange (ISEE) Peer Mentor Program pairs student mentors with incoming international students to improve their academic achievement, social competence and to facilitate smooth adjustment into the DePaul community.​​

By sharing experiences and insights, mentors can ease the transition process of new international students by making deeper connections that enhance the quality of the international student experience.

The program's acronym ISEE is also an English language phrase ("I see") that means "I understand." Americans use this phrase to indicate that they “comprehend” their surroundings and experiences.

New Incoming Students: Apply to be a Mentee

If you are a new DePaul student, you can apply to be paired with a peer mentor by completing the ISEE Mentee Application below. ISEE program coordinators do their best to pair you with a mentor by gender, academic area of study, different cultural backgrounds and similar social interests.

Current Students: Apply to be a Mentor

If you are a current DePaul student who is interested in helping others and willing to share your time, effort and energy to help your peers succeed at DePaul, consider becoming an ISEE peer mentor! 

To apply, you should have at least completed your first quarter at DePaul.

​For More Information

For more information on the ISEE program, contact an ISEE program coordinator at