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Filing a Violation

When to File a Violation

If an instructor discovers a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy, they are required to notify the student of the violation in writing via Academic Integrity on Campus Connect. Once a violation is discovered, it should be reported in a timely manner.

Instructors may file a violation through the third week of the quarter following the quarter in which the violation occurred. Spring quarter violations may be reported through the end of the third week of the Autumn quarter.

How to File a Violation

The violation is filed in the form of a letter of notification to the student. Instructors will need to enter a short description of both the violation and the sanction, if any. The letter will also include automatically generated text informing the student of the Academic Integrity process. Instructors will be able to review the letter before sending to the student.

Log on to Campus Connect, click on "For Instructors", click Academic Integrity Violation, and follow instructions.

Once the instructor has submitted the violation, it will be sent via email to the student and to Academic Integrity.


After a violation has been filed, documentation should be sent to Academic Integrity, along with copies of any materials that led the instructor to conclude that a violation occurred.

For example, if a student's paper has been plagiarized from a website, copies of the following should be submitted:

  • The student’s paper
  • Correspondence with the student 
  • The website
  • Turnitin report
  • Assignment
  • Syllabus

Electronic copies are preferred. Any notations should be made in pen, not highlighter.

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If this violation involves a proctor, Grad Assistant, or other witness that person may attend the hearing or write a statement detailing their involvement.

Please submit documentation materials to