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A violation will involve a hearing if:

  • A student appeals their violation, triggering an appeal hearing
  • It is not the student’s first violation, triggering a mandatory hearing.
  • The circumstances of a first violation warrant a mandatory hearing.

A hearing will be held either the quarter the violation was filed or the following quarter. Hearings are not held during Summer Session or December Intersession. A violation reported during the Spring quarter that involves a hearing may not be heard by the AIB until the Autumn quarter.

Attendance at hearings is required by the Academic Integrity Policy. Hearings are scheduled around the student's and instructor’s course schedules.

What Happens at a Hearing

At a hearing, the student and instructor involved in a violation meet with a panel of AIB members. The hearing panel will consist of three faculty AIB members and two student members. The hearing involves the three segments outlined below.

  • Opening Statements: Both the student and instructor involved in the violation will be asked to give a brief opening statement. The student will have the choice to go first or second.
  • Q&A: The AIB will ask questions to both the student and instructor. The student and instructor may also ask questions however, they may not engage each other. Any questions the instructor has for the student must be directed to the AIB.
  • Closing Statements: Both the student and the instructor will have the option to give a brief closing statement. The student will have the choice to go first or second.


After the hearing, the panel will deliberate and make a recommendation to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. Students will be notified of the outcome via email and postal mail within four weeks of their hearing. For a violation resulting in a Mandatory hearing, the student may receive an additional sanction from the Academic Integrity Board. Faculty members will receive notification that the case has been closed within four weeks of the hearing.​