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LPC Building Floor Maps

LPC Student Center 1st Floor

1st Floor Map

101      St. Louise de Marillac Chapel
102      Interfaith Sacred Space
103      Brownstone's Cafe
104      University Ministry​
105      Center for Intercultural Programs​
107      Student Centers Operations
109      Identification Card Services PNC Bank
115      Pre-Function Lounge
120A   Multipurpose Room A
120B   Multipurpose Room B
125      DePaul Dining Services Administration & Catering

LPC Student Center 2nd Floor

2nd Floor Map​

201      Student Involvement​
             Student Government Association (SGA)
             Cultural Student Organizations
             DePaul Activities Board (DAB)
             Fraternity/Sorority Life
215      Dining Room​
220      Private Dining Room

LPC Student Center 3rd Floor

3rd Floor Map​

302            Office of Health Promotion & Wellness​
303            Student Centers Administration
304            Multicultural Student Affairs
306            Office of New Student & Family Engagement​
307            Division of Student Affairs
                   Dean of Students
                   Office of the Vice President
308            Student Legal Services
310-11     University Ministry​
312            Meeting Room
313            Meeting Room
314A         Meeting Room
314B         Meeting Room
315            Meeting Room
316            Meeting Room
317            Student Mail and Copy Center
319            Commuter Meal Plans
324            Meeting Room
325            Meeting Room
329            Muslim Life Center
330-332   CDM Media Center
340            Jewish Life Center​
350            Counseling Services​
362-364   CDM Media Center
370            Center for Students with Disabilities​
380            Meeting Room