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Tips for Writing Faculty

​Contacting your faculty can be important for questions, clarifications or additional assistance. These tips can help you write the most effective message.

Overall tips:
  • Be polite and professional.
  • Introduce yourself, and remind them of which class you are in.
  • Consider using office hours to visit directly rather than several emails.
  • Make sure to check the syllabus or other sources for the information you are seeking before asking the instructor.
  • Timeliness matters, so don’t put off asking about something from early quarter until late in the quarter.
  • Your professor could take a few days to respond, as they may be fielding many questions, as well as teaching and grading. Ask questions early/immediately and wait on a response.
  • Check grammar and spelling.

General Template

Dear ___,

I am a student in your __(Class)___. I have a few questions about ___(be specific)___. Can I ___(share your ask or request)__?