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The following resources exist to support divisional staff in the conceptualization and implementation of their annual assessment projects. Most links are publicly accessible; however, some will require you to log-in through campus connect to view the material.

  • Here is a PowerPoint overview of benchmarking provided by the University of Cincinnati
  • Getting Started on Benchmarking (NACUBO)
  • The Five W's of Benchmarking (Campus Labs)
  • Benchmarking Studies and Surveys from the NASPA Assessment and Knowledge Consortium
  • Examples of Benchmarking Reports in Higher Education (Hanover Research Council) – most specifically related to activity-based, horizontal, and comparative benchmarking types.
  • Below are a series of online modules created to provide support to assessment project facilitators as they work on their projects. Clicking each link will open a new window where you can complete the online module.