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​​​​​​Last Updated: July 6, 2020 

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We understand there is a lot to digest on this "Return to Campus" resource page, but we hope your main takeaway after reviewing all the information is that we are very excited to welcome as many students as we can to campus this fall.

  • ​We will continue working and planning all summer to provide the best support possible as we monitor our ever-changing world. We want each of you to be successful at DePaul and will do everything possible to assist you with this transition. Our recommendation is that you monitor and bookmark this page and Fall FAQs​, which will become students’ and families’ main resource regarding fall housing.

  • Remember, we are in this together! We are delighted to have students back on campus and will do our very best to maintain a safe home environment for our residents. With that being said, we expect your cooperation and participation in this effort by following health practices and guidelines from the university, city, state, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • We also invite you to submit questions via email at If you have questions related to COVID-19 that aren't housing related, we encourage you to contact the DePaul COVID-19 response team.

Information by Topic

First-Year Students

The first thing we want you to know is that we absolutely plan to have housing in Lincoln Park and at our Loop facility called University Center (UC). We are hoping to house as many students as we feel is safe to do so. The formula for this is tricky and isn’t “one size fits all.” Other colleges and universities may be handling on-campus occupancy a little differently from DePaul based on their student populations, number of COVID-19 cases in their area, and a number of other factors. The DePaul approach does reduce overall campus capacities while still attempting to provide our on-campus residents with some semblance of a “college experience” to the best of our ability.

For those students who have already received a housing confirmation, you will have a room on campus for the fall. Again, we will do our best to match this space to your preferences, but we need students to understand that given our campus reductions this will not be the case for all. We ask for your patience and understanding. Our goal is to communicate housing assignments and roommate information (if applicable) by mid to late July.

Some of our first-year students received an email regarding the change of residence halls available. We made the decision to close two of our traditional residence halls for the Fall Quarter. Seton Hall and Corcoran Hall are buildings that feature double, triple, and quad rooms and have community-style bathrooms shared by the entire floor. We feel the risk of exposure in an environment like this was simply too high and, therefore, these buildings will not open in September. If necessary, Seton and Corcoran will be available to use for students who may become ill or specifically for those who may test positive for COVID-19.

The decision to close Seton and Corcoran has a significant impact on the overall number of students living in Lincoln Park. Though housing is not guaranteed, we are working hard to ensure the majority of first-year students will get housing, especially those not living within commuting distance to campus. Moreover, a portion of our first-year students will need to live at UC in the Loop. Luckily, several of our incoming students have requested this option and helps us fulfill more students’ residence hall preferences.


Continuing and New Transfer Students

Another point our departments would like to make is that we are working diligently to provide housing to our continuing and new transfer students. These populations of students typically live in our apartment-style units in Lincoln Park and UC – honoring as much as we can for the Fall Quarter. Additionally, we have made some reductions in the number of apartment spaces to further thin out the density on campus and have open units available if we need to isolate or quarantine sick or exposed students. The closed apartment complexes for the Fall are called the Sanctuary Townhomes.

For our continuing students, Room Selection is upon us. Room Selection is typically an in-person process where continuing students can pick their living unit for the following year. This year, Room Selection will take place online and occur towards the end of this month. If this applies to you, please refer to the Room Selection emails you’ve received from our Housing Assignments team, which also include your online appointment time.


Housing Waitlist

Our housing department is using the best tools available to provide safe housing options to as many students as we can. Unfortunately, there will be students who may not receive a housing confirmation or a housing assignment. These students will be placed on a waitlist. We understand “waitlist” may feel like a scary word that diminishes your chances of receiving housing. Please be assured that we will continue to work all summer to house people as space potentially becomes available. We do not think students who receive a waitlist letter in June or even through part of July should lose faith. Once we get later into the summer, students still on the waitlist will receive communication from our office outlining other options.


Housing Rates

DePaul University has decided not to raise housing rates. Therefore, housing rates for the 2020-21 academic year will be the same as the previous year.


On-Campus Dining will also look different than it has in the past. Some of the changes are necessary in an effort to uphold safety measures and continue following social distancing guidelines. There have been a few revisions to meal plans as well. We will post those changes to our website as soon as possible and we will give students the option to change their meal plan selection, if they so desire. Meal plan changes will be minor because we are confident that we can provide an excellent on-campus dining experience, despite some of the restrictions and changes we need to implement. Moreover, we will introduce some new features we think our students will enjoy. For instance, look for updates on online ordering.

We have already talked about our efforts to keep our students safe and we want to reiterate that safety is our #1 priority. As a result of the occupancy reductions, residence hall policies and procedures will change as well. While we strive to provide the best on-campus living environment, there will be rules put in place to support our health and safety efforts and maintain social distancing.

Some examples:

  • Scheduled move-in times

  • Updated visitor policy

  • Mandatory face coverings on campus

It is our sincere hope that we will eventually loosen these restrictions as conditions continue to improve. Either way, we will be transparent about any new changes.