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Room Repairs

​​​Please submit one issue per work order submission to allow for an efficient and timely response. To better serve you, please select a category based on your work order issue:

Wi-Fi & Internet

Work orders regarding Wi-Fi and internet access or setting up your computer should be sent to the Technology Support Center by logging in to Campus Connect.


  • Requests to loft a bed must be submitted while you are living on campus. Therefore, you may not complete a work order prior to your move-in appointment. ​
  • All university-provided furniture must remain in your room.
  • Please do not put furniture in the hallway, even temporarily. Doing so may result in damage charges.
  • In converted or temporary units, if a roommate moves out, the additional furniture will be removed within one to two weeks. This is automatic, no work order is needed.
  • All missing furniture requests will be compared to your Housing Condition Report and pre-move-in inspection.

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Cable TV

  • DePaul University no longer provides traditional wired coax-based TV service in student rooms on the Lincoln Park Campus; this is only provided to lounges and common areas.
  • For more information on TV service for Lincoln Park residents, visit the TV & Technology webpage.

Heating & Cooling

  • Campus heating and cooling is provided seasonally.
  • For residents living in Centennial, Ozanam and LeCompte halls, be sure the heating/cooling switch is on prior to attempting to adjust the temperature.
  • Do not use your window unit A/C in the winter months as it may cause damage.

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  • If water is actively overflowing in your unit, please contact Facility Operations (773) 325-7377 (or Public Safety (773) 325-7777 after business hours).
  • Do not use Drain-O or similar clog clearing products. These chemicals burn maintenance staff's skin and damage pipes.

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Locks & Keys

  • Please report lost and/or damaged keys immediately to your front desk or you can contact your Area Office directly (East Area: (773) 325-8690; West Area: (773) 325-7202).
  • Your safety and security is very important to DePaul.
  • Charges for lost keys will be sent directly to your Student Account.
  • Please note that after-hours or on weekends, locksmith staff is not available. Keys will be cut and locks will be changed on the business day following the report. You will need to contact Housing Staff when coming and going to assist with locking your unit until your lock can be changed.
  • Notice will be posted on your door as to when your locks have been changed.

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Laundry Machines

  • Washers and dryers are owned and maintained by CSC ServiceWorks.
  • Report trouble with machines by contacting CSC ServiceWorks here.

For other maintenance not listed above, submit a work order.