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Non-DePaul Programs

​​​If you do not find a DePaul program that meets your needs, you can still study abroad! You can choose a non-DePaul study abroad program and transfer the credit toward your degree.​​​
Students are required to complete the non-DePaul application process per the student international travel policy.​
A non-DePaul study abroad program is any international program outside of DePaul from which students earn transfer credit toward their degrees.  Of the approximately 400 students who do term-long programs (4+ weeks) each year, almost 100 students choose non-DePaul programs.
You can study abroad fall, winter-spring or summer. Most study abroad programs are on semester calendars.  If you choose a fall semester program, you will be away from DePaul for our fall quarter.  If you choose a spring semester program, you will be away from DePaul for both our winter and spring quarters.  

If you have a tight academic schedule, fall usually works better as students tend to earn more credits in a semester-length program than in a DePaul quarter.  If you are trying to cut costs and you can get enough credits in a spring semester program, it can be less expensive to be away from DePaul for two quarters.

DePaul does not charge you tuition while you participate in non-DePaul programs—you are responsible for paying the cost of the program. DePaul bills an administrative fee of $400 for the first quarter and $200 for each subsequent quarter. This fee includes facilitation of the transfer credit process and mandatory CISI international health and accident insurance. You cannot use DePaul scholarships, but you can use external aid or federal loans. Reach out to financial aid counselor Theresa Massey Smith in DePaul Central for more information on that process.

Students earn transfer credit when completing a non-DePaul program. Your program must be able to issue you an official transcript.  Students participating on non-DePaul programs who take non-degree applicable courses from accredited institutions will be accepted (i.e. foreign language coursework at a language institute that is part of an accredited institution).  If you have already transferred credit to DePaul, confirm with your academic advisor that you have not exceeded the maximum number of transfer credits allowed per the DePaul residency requirement.

Students interested in studying abroad in a non-DePaul program should complete an online application  through the Study Abroad office by these deadlines:
  • Spring Semester (DePaul Winter & Spring Quarters): November 1
  • Summer, Fall, Academic Year Programs: May 1
Part of the application requires you to supply a list of possible courses with a syllabus in English for each (even language courses).  Notification of official approval, including an explanation of how those courses would apply to the degree progress, takes about 8 or more weeks. 
The DePaul University Study Abroad office welcomes representatives of study abroad organizations and institutions. If you'd like to meet with our staff during your visit, please contact us at least two weeks in advance of your visit. The Study Abroad office is the central advising body for all study abroad opportunities at DePaul University.

Tabling at DePaul University
Promotional tables in the Student Center can be reserved or rented through the Office of Student Involvement. Requests must be made at least a week before the requested date and reservations are taken on a first-come, first served basis. All groups or vendors must stay behind their promotional tables and not walk around and solicit people. For more information, see the Student Center policies. The charge for promotional tabling is $150 per date.

Please note: We ask that representatives not contact faculty, advisors, schools and departments directly to try to arrange appointments or classroom visits. Also, non-DePaul study abroad providers should not be posting flyers or promotional materials around campus as materials must be approved and registered with the Office of Student Involvement.
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