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Op-Ed Writing for Digital Magazines

​​Project Summary:

This virtual exchange project involved two different components - DePaul students had to apply journalism skills in editorial decision – by consulting to help the UC Louvain students with digital magazine, while the UC Louvain students had to develop and write a op-ed piece in consultation with DePaul students. To start the project, students reviewed Belgian magazine themes and concepts and selected projects for consulting in the UC Louvian Sharepoint system. Zoom meetings were scheduled with the assigned groups to discuss magazine concepts and op-ed article approaches. The students submitted three op-ed links and summaries of the Sharepoint files for each group via email with the assigned Belgian Magazine team.  They also worked on finding original American news sources and provided a brief summary of why they demonstrated important approaches. Students used WhatsApp, Facebook and Zoom for informal group meetings in which DePaul students they were able to provide content-based feedback to Belgian students on drafts of their op-ed.

At the end of the project, the DePaul students reviewed the finished product from the Belgian students and provided any needed feedback in Sharepoint and via email. They also submitted a final reflection paper on the virtual exchange consulting project.

Project Length:

  • 6 Weeks

Technology Tools Used:

  • Zoom
  • SharePoint
  • Social media Messenger Services

Interaction Models:

  • Synchronous
  • Asynchronous

Learning Outcomes:

For DePaul students:

  • Apply journalism skills in editorial decision-making by consulting to help a Belgian student digital magazine.
  • Reflect on the connection of students;’ liberal studies and journalism course work as they navigate time difference, language and culture barriers, and level of journalism experience to complete the consulting task.

For UC Louvain students:

  • Develop and write op-ed piece in consultation with DePaul students and post to digital magazine website.
  • Reflect on issues of time difference, language and culture barriers, and level of journalism experience to complete the assignment in a second language.

Reflection Component:

  • At the end of the project, students submitted a two page reflection paper on the experiences they had while working on this assignment and how it connected with the learning outcomes and objectives of the course.  They also discussed about how this process helped them reflect on liberal studies and journalism experience and what they want to improve in another iteration of this or a similar project.

Jason Martin

Jason Martin

Institution: DePaul University
Discipline: Journalism
Course name: Journalism Capstone

Marie Van Reet, Stephanie Brabant, Veronique Henin

Institution: Université catholique de Louvain
Discipline: English/Modern Languages
Course name: English, Project-Based Language Learning

Partner institutions:

DePaul University
Chicago, IL, United States

Université Catholique de Louvain
Louvain la Neuve, Belgium


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