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Comparing Urban Spaces in Chicago & Milan

  • Project summary:

    • Students work with an international partner to conduct ethnographic field studies in their own cities and work with their international counterparts virtually to compare and contrast the experience of the two different cities. There are five different sites that students study (Shopping Area or Street, Nightlife Area, Business District, "Hipster" Area, Transportation hub, and Chinatown. Each group will consider the following issues when they are studying the specific site: visual designs and identities of place, official performances and the performances of everyday life, uses of media, rhythm analysis, and the role of gender.
  • Project length:

    • 5 weeks
  • Technology tools used:

    • Google products, WhatsApp, Screencast-o-matic (other screencast software), Facebook, PowerPoint/Prezi
  • Interaction Mode:

    • Synchronous
    • Asynchronous
  • Learning outcomes:

    • Students will be able to analyze the symbolic and material features in the city.
    • Students will be able to describe unique urban communication and media issues in their sites of study.
    • Students will be able to compare and contrast the site of study in Chicago with a similar site in Milan.

    Reflection Component:

    • Students write a short reflective paper that specifically focuses on what they learned through the interactions with an international partner.

Partner institutions: