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Multicultural Histories & Identities in Italy & USA

  • Project summary:

    • During the GLE component of this course students identified contemporary Italian and American cultural perspectives on the migrant experience by analyzing and comparing/contrasting the language, style, and tropes of select textual and visual sources in collaboration with a class in Brescia (Italy). The GLE activities lasted 3 weeks, preceded by 2 weeks of preparation activities (5 weeks total).
  • Project length:

    • 5 weeks
  • Technology tools used:

    • D2L, VoiceThread, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, GoogleDocs
  • Interaction Mode:

    • Synchronous
    • Asynchronous
  • Learning outcomes:

    • Learn to articulate more complex ideas in the target language, both orally and in writing (language acquisition).
    • Broaden their knowledge of Italian history, culture, and literature from Fascism to the present (content).
    • Refine their stylistic and rhetorical analysis skills to interpret journalistic, filmic, and literary sources (stylistic and rhetorical analysis).
    • Analyze the topic of migration across Italian and American cultures through structured interactions with target culture students (intercultural knowledge and competence).

    Reflection component:

    • A self-evaluation survey measuring the students’ perceived progress in the GLE experience in terms of, for example, the following values and skills: cultural self-awareness, knowledge of cultural view frameworks, empathy, verbal and non verbal communication skills, curiosity (these are the values and skills of the AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence Value Rubric).

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