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Translanguaging between English and Japanese: Discussing today’s gender issues in Japan and beyond

​​​​​​​​​​​​Project Summary: 

  • ​In this GLE project, DePaul University students worked with students from Kansai University on research projects in Japanese.  Prior to collaboration, the DePaul students in a Japanese language advanced reading and discussion course worked on an individual research project of women's rights and status in the workplace in Japan. Their course focused on gender and education with the intention to deeper their understanding of the Japanese language and to obtain cross-linguistic and cross-cultural analytical skills in order to be bilingual individuals in Japanese and English. After meeting with students from Kansai University enrolled in a Japanese language and pedagogy course, the DePaul students were advised by Kansai students to refine and develop their research projects. The Kansai students' course taught them theories and methods in language teaching, and the collaboration with DePaul students enabled them to put the theories and methods to practice. Kansai students served as facilitators in discussion, helped DePaul students locate resources in Japanese, and understand them. During the final week, each group gave a presentation of their projects.​

Project Length: 

  • ​5 weeks

Technology To​​ols Used: 

  • Zo​om 
  • Google Docs 
  • Line 
  • Email 
  • D2L
  • VoiceThread ​

Interaction Mo​de:

  • Synchronous
  • ​Asynchronous

Learning Outcomes: ​

  • Students found and selected resources in Japanese for the selected themes.
  • Students read and comprehended Japanese reading and visual materials critically.
  • Students incorporated various perspectives at different time periods, cultures, and socio-economic classes in workplace gender discrimination or inequality.
  • Students communicated complex issues in Japanese with Japanese native or near-native speakers.

To read more about this project and other scholarship from the faculty members, please click here​.

Nobuko Chikamatsu

faculty name

Institution: DePaul University
Discipline: Modern Languages, Japanese
Course name: Advanced Reading and Discussion I (Gender and Educational issues in Japan)

Keiko Ikeda

faculty name

Institution: Kansai University
Discipline: Global and Language Education
Course name: Japanese Language Pedagogy-Teaching Methods

Partner Institutions

DePaul University
Chicago, IL, United States

Kansai University
Osaka, Japan


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