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Nursing Ethics Across the Pond

  • Project Summary:

    • In this virtual exchange project, students from the US and the Czech Republic worked together on two main assignments, comparing and contrasting Nursing Codes of Ethics in both countries, by examining ethical topics in Nursing from their home country's unique cultural, legal and professional perspectives. 

  • Project length:

    • 3 weeks
  • Technology tools used:

    • D2L, Discussion Boards, Word Documents, PowerPoint
  • Interaction Mode:

    • Asynchronous
  • Learning outcomes:

    • To increase the number of intercultural experiences DePaul nursing students are exposed to through the use of web­‐based instructional technologies.
    • To achieve respect for and learning from the perspectives of others different from themselves and increase their personal knowledge of global interconnectedness and interdependencies within the nursing profession.
    • To examine ethical topics in nursing from their home country’s unique cultural, legal, and professional perspectives.

Partner institutions: