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Introduction to Hospitality

  • Project summary:

    • Hospitality students from DePaul University and the Shandong College of Tourism and Hospitality in Jinan, China participated in a 4-week Global Learning Experience (GLE) focused on the global hospitality and tourism industry. The GLE included synchronous and asynchronous faculty lectures about cultural differences and industry trends, as well as a collaborative team assignment that resulted in the creation of student VoiceThread presentations. During the GLE, students were encouraged to communicate through DePaul’s learning management system (D2L) and WeChat messaging platform. At the conclusion of the collaborative online learning experience, students were required to compose an individual reflection.
  • Project length:

    • 4 weeks
  • Technology tools used:

    • D2L, VoiceThread, WeChat, PowerPoint
  • Interaction Mode:

    • Synchronous
    • Asynchronous
  • Learning outcomes:

    • Examine and investigate culture and diversity as it pertains to the US and China with a focus on the hospitality and tourism industry. 
    • Explain the scope and complexity of the hospitality and tourism industry. 
    • Identification of current hospitality and tourism trends and events. 
    • Discover the various career opportunities and career paths in the hospitality and tourism industry.
    • Enhance skills working in culturally diverse teams to accomplish tasks.


    • SCTH students inside
    • SCTH students outside
    • SCTH students with GLE certificates.

Partner institutions: