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Our Cities at the Movies: Scoring and Sound Design at the Forefront

​​​​​​Project Summary​​:

  • Across the globe in Melbourne, the most recent collaboration between DePaul University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) asked students to complete a city photo roman of Chicago, Melbourne or both. The reference was Chris Marker's La Jetée. The collaboration involved teams of students from each school completing various elements of the film. While the team (RMIT and DePaul students combined) created the photo roman, DePaul students scored the photo romans and the RMIT students completed the sound design and final mix. The students met class-to-class through the program and the teams met separately to work on their projects.
    Before starting the projects, all students became acquainted through an icebreaker activity, and the project culminated with reflection videos.

​​​​Project Length:

  •  6 weeks

 ​​​​Technology Tools Used:

  • ​​D2L​

  • Google Docs

  • Zoom 

  • Discord 

  • FaceBook

​​​​Interaction Mode:

  • ​​​Synchronous

  • Asynchronous

Learning Outcomes​:

Upon completion of this project, students were able to:

  • ​Work collaboratively on a photo roman in terms of the client/vendor relationship
  • Lead to a consensus in terms of problem solving using synchronous and asynchronous approaches
  • Create a series of accountability strategies
  • Understand the role and importance of metadata
  • Receive and give respectful criticism from and to international collaborators
  • Understand the importance of social skills with long distance collaboration
  • Be flexible in terms of workflows and timelines
  • Understand that certain behaviors will be detrimental to the process

​ Student Feedback:

  • "Together, we created videos that were a collection of still photos of Chicago and Melbourne and composed a score to accompany the video. My favorite part of the GLE project was being able to work alongside a group of students who were part of a different culture than my own. This allowed us to consider unique perspectives and ideas, and I think our work reflects this" ~Drew L. 2021.

    Robert Steel


    Institution: DePaul University 
    Discipline: Film Scoring and Sound 
    Course name: Scoring for Film and Video



    John Phillips

    Institution: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
    Discipline: Sound Production
    Course name: Sound Production



    Partner Institutions

    DePaul University
    Chicago, IL, United States


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