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From Paper to Prototype

  • Project summary: DePaul students will...

    • Create a new product/service that will be taken over by partner students.
    • Generate blueprints and detailed descriptions of their products in order for partner students to develop them.
    • Receive design feedback from partner students about their products and development potential/viability.
    • Conduct market research and customer development interviews about new products and will relay that information to partner students.
    • Create a "go to market" plan that will be evaluated by the professor.
    • Present their work to the professor and a group of invited guests.
  • Project length:

    • 3-4 weeks
  • Technology tools used:

    • GoogleDrive (Docs, Hangouts, Google+), Dropbox
  • Interaction Mode:

    • Asynchronous
  • Learning outcomes:

    • Students will need to identify the basic concepts of product design that apply to their products/services.
    • Students will explain how they will apply those concepts and compare/contrast how it has impacted their own products/services.
    • Students will need to use the knowledge acquired to work with and guide remote design teams to influence/design their product.
    • Students will summarize how the relationship has impacted/improved their product.
    • Finally, students will create, design and standardize a new product/service offering that will be ready for testing and prototyping by the remote student team.

    DePaul Newsline story:

    • Entrepreneurship Students Take Their Ideas From Paper to Prototype.

Partner institutions:

  • Javier Monllor

    Institution: DePaul University
    Discipline: Management
    Course name: Design for Entrepreneurs

  • Alejandro Excia

    InstitutionPontifical University of Puerto Rico Architecture School
    Discipline: Art & Product Design
    Course name: Design Solutions