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From Paper to Prototype

​​​Project summary: 

In this creative virtual exchange project, DePaul students engaged with students at Pontifical University of Puerto Rico Architecture School. DePaul students created a new product/service that was to be taken over by partner students at Pontifical University. Students generated  blueprints and detailed descriptions of their products in order for partner students to develop them. They received design feedback from partner students about their products, development and potential viability. Students conducted market research and customer development interviews about new products and will relay that information to partner students. They created a "go to market" plan that was evaluated by the professor. At the end of the project, students presented their work to the professor and a group of invited guests.

Project length:

  • 3​-4 weeks

Technology tools used:

  • GoogleDrive (Docs, Hangouts, Google+), Dropbox

Interaction Mode:

  • Asynchronous

Learning outcomes:

  • Students identified the basic concepts of product design that applied to their products/services.
  • Students explained how they applied those concepts and compared/contrasted how it impacted their own products/services.
  • Students used the knowledge acquired to work with and guide remote design teams to influence/design their product.
  • Students summarized how the relationship impacted/improved their product.
  • Finally, students created, designed and standardized a new product/service offering that was ready for testing and prototyping by the remote student team.

DePaul Newsline story:

  • Entrepreneurship Students Take Their Ideas From Paper to Prototype.

Javier Monllor

Institution: DePaul University
Discipline: Management
Course name: Design for Entrepreneurs

Alejandro Excia

Institution: Pontifical University of Puerto Rico Architecture School
Discipline: Art & Product Design
Course name: Design Solutions

Partner institutions:


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