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Cultural Responsiveness in Bilingual Speech Language Pathology

​​​​Project Summary:

In this GLE project, speech language pathology students from La Universidad Santiago de Cali and DePaul University were paired in mixed groups of 3-4 students each. The project aimed to provide students with an understanding of the global intersectionality of cultural displays across the practice of their profession. The students were required to conduct research and identify current topics of need related to service delivery in speech language pathology, with a focus on understanding the cultural perspectives of their clients. To address these topics, students were required to visually capture the various "solutions and techniques" using infographics. These visual aids were an integral part of the project and helped students to understand the cultural perspectives of their clients effectively. The infographics also served as a medium for transmitting cultural proficiency, cultural competency, and cultural humility visually, as students were able to communicate and share their understanding with their peers and instructors. By the end of the project, students were able to apply the knowledge and skills gained to their future professional practice in speech language pathology, which will enable them to provide better and more culturally responsive services to their clients.

Project Length:

  • 6 Weeks 

Technology Tools Used:

  • Padlet
  • Google Docs
  • WhatsApp
  • Zoom
  • FlipGrid
  • DeepL
  • D2L

Interaction Mode:

  • Synchronous
  • Asynchronous

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Students identified culturally responsive service delivery practices.
  • Students compared and contrasted global characteristics of an asset- based approach to service delivery.
  • Students described their own appreciation of cultural differences and similarities as manifested in their service delivery practices.
  • Students articulated and visually represented ideas for complex issues and trends within the field of speech language pathology.

Faculty Feedback:

"Students from both DePaul University and Universidad Santiago de Cali, shared that this course and project allowed them to more actively engage in self-reflection.  Both student groups shared having learned so much about themselves, each other and how this project and subject matter impacted how they will serve children and adults with speech and language disorders from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  ​​"  

~ Dr. Elia Olivares​

Elia Olivares

Institution: DePaul University
Discipline: Speech Language Pathology
Course name: Cultural Responsiveness in Bilingual Speech Language Pathology

Ana Silvana Trujillo Peidrahita

Institution: Universidad Santiago de Cali
Discipline: Speech Therapy 
Course name: Electiva de Profundizacion III


Partner Institutions

DePaul University
Chicago, IL, United States

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