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Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Topics in Developmental Psychology

​​​​P​roject Summary:

In this GLE project, Professor Yan Li incorporated a GLE component that involved a group research project that was carried out through group discussions, group homework assignments (i.e., research on the topic, find cross-cultural similarities and differences), and a group presentation. DePaul students in this class were partnered with psychology students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in groups. The interactions between students in two countries took place in mostly asynchronized discussions via WhatsApp. For the cross-cultural group projects, students researched the literature, social policies, and laws pertinent to the topic within their culture. Then they compared their findings and found cross-cultural similarities and differences. Students from both cultures also discussed via WhatsApp about their takeaway messages from the cross-cultural comparisons. The goal of this research collaboration was to enrich students' cultural understanding on the developmental psychology topics and enhance their appreciation of global interconnectedness. ​​​

Project Length:

  • ​7 Weeks

Technology Tools Used:

  • ​​​​D2L
  • Zoom
  • VoiceThread
  • WhatsApp​

​Interaction Mode:

  • Asynchronous

​Learning Outcomes: 

  • Students learned to synthesize the body of literature on the topic. 

  • Students analyzed cultural influences on child development by examining what happened on the topic in the partner country.

  • Students exercised communication, presentation, and writing skills.​​

​Faculty Feedback:

"Students in both cultures showed strong interests in the research topics and promoted each other’s understanding of the topic in the global context. They demonstrated growth in their knowledge and appreciation of cultural diversity as shown in the presentations and reflection papers."

~ Yan Li

"It was the first virtual exchange experience for CUHK students who were really enthusiastic and hardworking during the GLE project. They indeed have not only learnt a lot about the American culture on the topics concerning child development they jointly chose to research with DePaul students, but also got to know more about the learning styles of their American counterparts."
~ Qian Wang

Yan Li

Yan Li

Institution: DePaul University
Discipline: Psychology
Course name: Child Psychology

Qian Wang

Qian Wang

Institution: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Discipline: Psychology
Course name: Education and Human Development in Cultural Contexts


Partner Institutions

DePaul University
Chicago, IL, United States


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