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Related Resources

IRMA Resources

Institutional Research & Marketing Analytics (IRMA) maintains a set of reports and files, based on university data, which may be of use as you move through the APR process. Below is a list of IRMA resources that may be of use as you complete your APR documents.

Career Center Resources

The Career Center may also have resources related to career pursuits by recent graduates. The following resources may be of use in completing your APR document as well as in planning the research portion of the APR process. 

  • Career Outcomes 
    • Survey responses regarding post-graduation destinations. Includes statistics on employment/career outcomes. 
  • Career Guides by Major
    • These guides detail different career paths that particular majors might take based on the skills they develop and needs of the industry.
  • Transferable Skills Matrix 
    • This matrix connects skills with learning outcomes and examples of skill development through coursework.

Center for Teaching & Learning Resources

The Center for Teaching & Learning provides services and resources focused on best practices in teaching and assessment. Should your department wish to explore those areas as part of your review, the following resources may be of use.

  • Assessment Resources 
  • Learning Outcomes 
    • Though not required, some departments have, in the past, used the APR process as a time to review their learning outcomes and curriculum maps. Should your department wish to do this, CTL has resources available and is willing to meet in person to discuss your objectives.