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Academic Program Review (APR)

​The university's Academic Program Review (APR) process is designed to be a reflective and analytical process. With academic quality as our goal, we seek to facilitate the process of program improvement and mission responsiveness.

The purpose is of program review is to promote the 1) continuous quality improvement of 2) academic programs and the larger University and to do so in a manner that is 3) responsive to the mission, 4) faculty-driven, 5) focused, 6) collegial, 7) data-based, 8) contextual, 9) adaptive, and 10) that results in an accountable plan of action.

More information can be found using the side-navigation. The schedule for the current review cycle is listed in the Process page. For those units going through review, please visit the Additional Resources page for materials related to drafting APR-related documents.

Meeting Schedule

The APRC meets quarterly, usually in October, March, and May.