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Online Teaching Evaluations

DePaul University conducts course evaluations via an online, in-house designed and developed system, known to the DePaul community as OTE (Online Teaching Evaluations). All course evaluation forms contain five common university-wide questions, adopted by Faculty Council in May 2006. In addition, the OTE system allows each academic unit (college, department, program) to manage and activate online their own customized form for course evaluations. OTE also allows faculty members to further personalize the evaluations with up to five course-based additional questions if their academic unit so chooses. Furthermore, OTE provides a number of reports to academic unit administrators.

For detailed information on the administration of the system, please consult the frequently asked questions page.

If you are having technical problems with OTE, please contact the Technology Service Center.

If you have an OTE related question that is not answered in the frequently asked questions page, please contact the Associate Provost.‚Äč