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Additional Resources

Financial Affairs

Financial Affairs​ is the division that reports to the Vice President for Finance. It includes the Office of the Controller, Office of the Treasurer, Financial Systems, and Student Financial Accounts.

  • For Procurement and Payable specific questions, including information on asset disposal, travel, ProCards, the salvage program, university discounts, preferred vendors, and other related information.
  • For budget/expense reallocation and chargeback forms, reimbursement, payroll, check request forms, as well as PC loan or lease application forms, along with other miscellaneous Procurement/Payable and Payroll forms.
  • For information on Financial Affairs training sessions, including materials, or to sign up for an upcoming session.
  • For a directory of Financial Affairs staff​ including hierarchy.

Enrollment Management & Marketing

The Enrollment Management & Marketing (EM&M) division manages a wide range of university services that allow the university to achieve its goals around enrollment growth, retention and access, market prominence and visibility, and student career outcomes.


Compliance is the division that assists faculty and staff to ensure that they are effectively managing the university's business and its risks.


Policies/Procedures is where one can go to view the wide array of policies and procedures that govern DePaul. This includes the complete listing of University Policies, along with procedural steps on following or creating new policies, and links to other additional resources, such as university handbooks, regarding University Policies.

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Office of Research Services (ORS)

ORS​ assists with assisting faculty and staff with obtaining external funding that supports activities ranging from scientific research to community service. They also assist with the effective management of grant awards including training, technical support for implementation, and guidance upon closing of the projects.

Institutional Research and Market Analysis (IRMA)

IRMA frames and informs the institutional strategic dialogue, building a culture of evidence in support of planning and management, as agents of change at DePaul and in higher education generally.

General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel assists university departments with legal issues, representing the university in the resolution of legal disputes, and managing university litigation, legal review of university contracts and agreements, and interpreting policies and procedures that affect ongoing operation of the university.

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources connects staff and faculty with the workplace programs, policies and resources that support the university's mission and Vision 2018 strategic plan.​​​​