Society of Vincent de Paul Professors

Society of Vincent de Paul Professors
St. Vincent's Circle

What is the Society of Vincent de Paul Professors?

The Society of Vincent de Paul Professors is an organization of faculty at DePaul University whose goal is to enhance the educational mission of the University in ways consistent with its distinctive values, such as Vincentian personalism, social justice, and service. The Society will promote the ideal of the teacher-scholar by:

  • Demonstrating in teaching courses in their disciplines, in professional programs, and in the Liberal Studies Program the synergistic relationship between teaching and one’s own scholarship;
  • Serving as ambassadors within and outside the University to portray DePaul as an institution where teaching and scholarship inform and reinforce one another;
  • Providing mentorship to junior faculty;
  • Contributing to University processes of faculty development;
  • Engaging students in scholarly and creative work beyond the classroom;
  • Promoting scholarship on teaching that inspires and engages other faculty;
  • Initiating and engaging in projects that support the university's mission and benefit communities locally, nationally, and abroad.