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Membership Information

The Society of Vincent de Paul Professors invite applications for new members on an annually basis.

History and Mission of the Society

The Society was formed during the 2003–2004 academic year and underwent a reorganization in AY2007–2008. The Society's goals are promoting the ideal of the teacher-scholar and enhancing the educational mission of the University in ways consistent with its distinctive values. The goals of the Society are promoted through initiatives proposed by society members. The Society promotes the ideal of the teacher-scholar model by:

  • Teaching gateway courses in their disciplines, in professional programs, and in the Liberal Studies Program to demonstrate the synergistic relationship between exceptional teaching and one's own scholarship;
  • Serving as ambassadors within and outside the University to portray DePaul as an institution where teaching and scholarship inform and reinforce one another;
  • Contributing to University processes of faculty development and providing mentorship to faculty;
  • Engaging students in scholarly and creative work beyond the classroom;
  • Promoting exceptional scholarship

Rights and Privileges of Membership in the Society

Society members are granted the title "Vincent de Paul Professor", have access to discretionary funds to support their professional development and co-curricular experiences for students, and enjoy various ceremonial privileges. The Society's membership reflects the diverse fields of study at the university.

Current activities include:

  • Mentoring faculty
  • Assisting in the preservation of the Vincentian archival collections 
  • Building leadership in student honor societies
  • Conducting international projects
  • Fostering cross-disciplinary scholarship and creative activities, including scholarship on teaching and learning.

Additional activities are developed over time and will reflect the interests of the members as well as the overall goals of the Society.

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