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Defined & Living Learning Communities

​​​ The Defined/Living Learning Communities at DePaul provide opportunities for students with similar interests to live and engage together in a dedicated area of a residence hall. Guided and advised by Residential Education and other Campus Partners, the Defined/Living Learning Communities give students the opportunity to take ownership of their living and learning to enhance their overall experience on campus.

Students living in a Defined/Living Learning Community share a dedicated space for programming and engagement opportunities. Additionally, the have the chance to live among or room with students interested in the same experience. Our communities also provide a connection to dedicated faculty/staff at DePaul University.

A living learning community is one where residents live on the same floor of a residence hall. They are enrolled in classes with one another, and RAs create a programming curriculum to augment learning in and outside of the classroom. Our living learning communities include: First-Year Honors, Continuing Honors, Catholic Living Learning Community, Men of Color Initiative, and Pathways Honors.

First-Year Honors Community:
First-year Honors students who have applied for campus housing will be able to request the Honors living and learning community. This housing option provides students with a unique opportunity to participate in and contribute to the co-curricular elements of the Honors Program, and foster a strong sense of community as they form important friendships with like-minded students.

Continuing Honors Community:
The Continuing Honors Community is a living-learning community for students who want to stay on campus and live alongside fellow Honors students. This housing option is reserved for Honors students with sophomore, juniors, or senior status. Students on this floor will maintain the lifelong friendships formed during their first-year while also creating new significant connections. This LLC ensures the continuation of community building amongst students to maximize student success.

As a special note, students living in either First-Year Honors or Continuing Honors Community must be enrolled in the Honors Program at DePaul University.

Catholic Living Learning Community
The Catholic Living Learning Community is a yearlong experience of community, faith, learning, and friendship through Catholic Campus Ministry. Students selected to live in this community will live on the same floor in one of our residence halls on-campus. There is also an opportunity to take class together, engage in weekly dinners, and attend guest lectures. In addition, students will pray together and attend Sunday Mass to deepen their understanding of Catholicism and their own personal faith. Participation in this community does include a scholarship. Please visit the Catholic Campus Ministry website to learn more information.

Men of Color Initiative:
The Men of Color Learning Community is a partnership between Residential Education and the Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS) to increase access and success for men of color at DePaul. The MOC LLC is a part of OMSS’ larger Men of Color Initiative, which exists to provide opportunities for engagement that facilitate a sense of belonging, persistence to graduation, and readiness for life after college with a particular emphasis on the intersection of race, gender and college success.

Pathways Honors Community:
From first-year to professional degree completion, the Pathways Honors program is designed for highly qualified and ambitious students pursuing a health career. The Pathways Honors LLC allows students selected into the program to live and collaborate on the same floor of the residence hall. Participants in the Pathways Honors LLC should expect a challenging and supportive environment as they work to integrate important academic and co-curricular activities with their future careers as healthcare professionals.

As a special note, students living in the Pathways Honors LLC must be enrolled in the Pathways Honors Learning Community at DePaul University. The LC includes being enrolled in a General Biology course with other Pathways Honors students along with an Introduction to Health Professions course.

Like LLCs, residents live on a specific hall with like-minded students. They are not enrolled in courses together, but instead; want to engage in learning around a specific topic area. RAs create a programming curriculum to help support students in their holistic learning. SEEDS (Substance-Free Environment Empowering DePaul Students) is our only Defined Learning Community.

Substance-Free Environment Empowering DePaul Students:
Residential Education is proud to partner with Health, Promotion, and Wellness, to provide a DLC for students who are dedicated to leading a substance-free lifestyle in a welcoming, safe, and fun environment. SEEDS consists of students from various majors, campus interests, and backgrounds that share common beliefs.

To learn more information, please send an email to resedlivinglearning@depaul.edu. A staff member in Residential Education will be able to connect with you and provide more information. Additionally, we encourage you to speak with your Admissions Counselor. They will be able to speak more about the process to opt-in and advise if you are eligible to participate in a particular community.