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Follow Veep Gene, Vice President for Student Affairs, on social media!

Whether your student is returning to Chicago for class or they are starting their first quarter at DePaul, the beginning of fall quarter always takes some adjustment. Finding a balance between school, work and a social life can be difficult, especially when your student is in a big city with an infinite number of things to do. With so much constantly going on and with rapidly-moving courses, your student will need some guidance to navigate DePaul, Chicago and everything in between.

You and your student can follow Veep Gene, the vice president for Student Affairs, for every day posts on activities, events, opportunities and more around both DePaul campuses! Follow him for student perspectives during exams while students take over his account; tune in to the adventures of Stu Dent during #GnomeHunt2020 in the spring (catch him live at various events around campus)! Whether you are a parent or a student, @VeepGene is a great way to keep yourself in the loop with everything going on at DePaul!​