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Spring and summer courses have moved online: Some things to know

​​​​​Nearly all spring and summer quarter courses at DePaul have been moved to remote learning, an arrangement that many students are not familiar with. Following are some tips for supporting your student during this time.

Classes listed in Campus Connect as “online” are traditionally online and will follow the typical online format . Classes listed as “remote” are those that have been shifted online due to COVID-19. Remote classes are taking a somewhat different approach than traditional online classes and may include the use of live class sessions using Zoom, an online video and audio communications service, as well as some synchronous class discussions at specific times and days of the week, online lectures and more.

If your student is struggling with remote learning, encourage them to visit DePaul’s Student Success website to review crowd-sourced tips from students, staff and faculty on how to do well as a remote student, in addition to information on access to technology tools and services. 

The same academic support services DePaul has always offered will be available virtually, and include University Counseling Services, Health Promotion and Wellness, the Career Center, the Writing Center, the Center for Students with Disabilities and more.  

The remote delivery of courses and the continued availability of many academic and other university support services will reflect the high quality learning and support that DePaul students have become accustomed to. Because of this, spring quarter tuition will not be reduced. Information on tuition freezes for 2020-2021 can be found here.

For students who do not have reliable access to a computer, WiFi and/or a webcam, Financial Aid may be able to assist with technology purchases. You or your student can reach out by emailing dpcl@depaul.edu or calling their office at 312-362-8610. 

​Computer labs have very limited availability and restricted access. For more details on academic support services, university libraries and bookstores, computer labs, access to DePaul buildings, waived fees, and looking ahead, please see this Thursday, March 26 update from President A. Gabriel Esteban​

For continued updates on these topics and more, you can visit the COVID-19 updates webpage. You can also read some FAQs on classes and academics for students during spring quarter here​​​.