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Have you purchased tuition insurance?

In certain emergency situations, tuition and other expenses may be covered

There’s no way of foreseeing medical or personal issues that force students to withdraw from classes. If your student doesn’t have proper coverage you could lose some, or all, of the money you have paid toward college tuition and expenses. This year DePaul is offering the GradGuard Protection Plan​, which will reimburse certain college expenses in cases of emergency. 

When you pay a premium equal to one percent of the cost of tuition, the GradGuard Tuition Protection Plan can reimburse your tuition, housing and certain other payments if your student needs to withdraw for reasons such as a serious illness or injury, mental health disorder or the death of a tuition payer. 

To get a quote or learn more about this optional insurance, call 1 (866) 724-4384 or visit the program website