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Voter Registration

Your first step is to register to vote. Visit the Voter Hub in DeHub to get the non-partisan information you need to register to vote and educate yourself about your voting rights.

Also, DePaul has partnered with TurboVote to make registering to vote and voting simple. No matter where you call home or where or how you plan to vote, TurboVote can help you! Go to TurboVote now!

DePaul Election Events

DePaul has an entire schedule of election related events for students on DeHUB.

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​​Voting Frequently Asked Questions

College students can register to vote in their home state or the state their college is in, but not both. Generally, you can register  in person, online or via mail.  DePaul has made it even easier for you to register to vote by partnering with TurboVote. Visit TurboVote and register to vote now!
If you're not sure if you are registered to vote , TurboVote can help you with that, too. As part of registering for the service, they will check the name and address you enter against a list of current registered voters in Illinois, or you can use their registration lookup service. Remember, though, you can only be registered to vote and can only vote in one state--either your home state (if applicable), or the state your college or university is in (Illinois). If you are not sure if you are registered to vote in your home state, you will have to check  with your state's State Board of Elections.
It can really depend. However, it can take as little as 5-10 minutes. 
You'll want to use your campus mailing address and not the address of your residence hall.

DePaul University
2250 N. Sheffield Avenue, Suite 317
Mailbox # _____
Chicago, IL 60614

If you're an incoming student and don't know your mailbox number yet, leave that blank. 
You can register to vote in Illinois  with TurboVote. If you need a computer, visit the Office of Student Involvement during their normal business hours. Let the staff know you'd like to register to vote and they'll direct you to an available computer. You can also register in person at a number of  locations across the city or via mail. You will need two forms of identification with your current address. Learn more here.
To register to vote in your home state, you will have to refer to the local rules, laws and procedures for registering to vote in that state, and when you vote, you will do so using an absentee ballot, so be sure to request your ballot with enough time to receive it and send it back prior to the election closing.
Your polling place is based on your zipcode. To find your local polling place, click here

Dean of Students Office
Students who have experienced some type of harassment or discrimination should contact the Dean of Students Office to file a complaint. Call the DOS main number – 773-325-7290, email deanofstudents@depaul.edu or visit the Virtual Office.

University Counseling and Psychological Services
Counselors are available for support, crisis management, consultation and community referrals. If you would like to speak to a counselor 24/7, dial 773-325-CARE (2273) and select option 1. To schedule a consultation, dial 773-325-CARE and select option 2.

Mission & Ministry
The Division of Mission and Ministry staff can provide pastoral care and support for people of all faith or spiritual backgrounds as well as for those who do not claim a particular tradition or belief. Please contact Diane Dardon (ddardon@depaul.edu) if you are in need of support, prayer, or a listening ear.

Health Promotion and Wellness
HPW can help students manage stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc. (overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellness). Contact 773-325-7219 or complete the intake form here.

Office of Multicultural Student Success
OMSS offers support for students of color first generation students, students who demonstrate financial need, undocumented immigrant students and students with marginalized genders and sexualities. Visit the virtual office or contact 773-325-7325.

Racial trauma resources that you can access today:

Student Affairs staff are being encouraged to hold space on their calendars on and around election day to provide open office hours, allowing for staff and students to pop into a Zoom session and voice the feelings or concerns they have around any interactions or conversations they’ve had in regards to the election. In addition to the office links and phone numbers above, following are links for Student Affairs virtual Zoom offices: