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Interfaith Programs

Credit: Jamie Moncrief, DePaul University

DePaul is a diverse place, and just by being here students are already involved in "interfaith dialogue." Check out our "Four Ways of Interfaith Dialogue" description for more details or contact the Religious Diversity and Pastoral Care team for more information.

For more about interfaith happenings on campus, check out our interfaith students Facebook page or events below.

Student Interfaith Scholars

DePaul has  Interfaith Scholars from various faith backgrounds. These students work on interfaith projects and activities. Read more about them here on their Facebook Page.

Student Ecumenical Scholars

 This group of students fosters unity among Christian groups on campus through education and community building events. For more info contact Diane Dardón

VIA Big 3

VIA Big 3 is a space for students to build an interfaith Vincentian community, learn about social justice and service opportunities, engage in spiritual growth and reflective learning, and develop leadership skills for social responsibility. For more information contact Karl Nass with the Vincentian Service and Formation team.

Interfaith Holiday Calendar​

This interfaith calendar provides information on world religious holidays that fall within DePaul’s academic calendar and may therefore effect DePaul students, faculty, and staff.​  2019-2020 Religious Diversity Interfaith Holiday Calendar & Suggested Accommodations​.​