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Christian Ministries @ DePaul


In addition to ministry opportunities offered through Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM), students from a myriad of Christian traditions can find community, worship, study, and prayer support through Protestant ministers who are part of the Religious Diversity and Pastoral Care team. Rev. Dr. Diane Dardón, an ordained Lutheran pastor (ELCA), and Minister Jené Ashley Colvin, a licensed Protestant minister accompany students from many Christian faith traditions on their journeys at DePaul.

Whether you consider yourself Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, non-denominational or from a Black spiritual tradition or other Christian community, Rev. Diane and Minister Jené are here to support you and help you find a great faith community on campus.

Christian Student Ministries

DePaul University encourages unity among diversity within our Christian community (and within all communities). Both diversity and unity are celebrated through Living in Faith Together (LIFT), a Student Religious Organization that draws students from all Christian communities together. LIFT is led by DePaul Ecumenical Scholars who are trained in and committed  students who foster Christian unity on campus. LIFT is an open and progressive organization that encourages Christian diversity and unity.

Learn more about the many ways in which you can find a great Christian community at DePaul by clicking on the links below or by vi siting DeHub.

Often a small group of students may wish to organize for the sake of faith-filled study and support.  Groups of any size - including those external to DePaul - are asked to contact Pastor Diane for support and guidance prior to forming the group. More information on forming spiritual groups on campus can be found in our Protocol and Standards document.

Sometimes, off-campus groups or congregations not vetted or recognized by Mission and Ministry try to draw students on campus into their ministries, even though this is not permitted. Students are asked to join only those student religious organizations officially registered in DeHub. If you are recruited or asked to join a faith group please check on DeHub to make sure the group is registered. If the group is not registered please contact Pastor Diane for more information.

With so many diverse Christian groups already established through DeHub, we are confident you will find a faith home at DePaul. Contact Rev. Diane or Minister Jené if you have questions or would like help in finding the right community for you.

Meet the Staff 

Please contact Rev. Diane Dardón for more information about Christian ministries or Religious Diversity and Pastoral Care at DePaul. Pastor Diane has a digital story about her call to ministry that you might want to watch.

Please contact Minister Jené Ashley Colvin for more information about Protestant Christianity, Black faith and spiritual traditions, multifaith practice, or spiritual support for LGBTQIA+ persons (of any spiritual background) at DePaul. ​