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DePaul Christian Ministries


For information on worship, study and community, contact your campus pastors or check out the many student religious organizations through DeHub.

DePaul Christian Ministries Wednesdays

Every Wednesday DePaul Christian Ministries hosts several events starting from 5:30pm to 8pm at the Interfaith Sacred Space in room 102 of the Lincoln Park Student Center. Check out the list of weekly events below or view all of DCM's upcoming events on Dehub.

DCM Student Ministries

DePaul Christian Ministries supports many Christian ministries on campus. Learn more about the many ways in which you can find a great community by clicking on the links below or by vi​siting DeHub.

Often a small group of students may wish to organize among themselves for the sake of faith-filled study and support.  All groups - including those external to DePaul - are asked to contact DCM staff for support and guidance as any faith group forms on campus, even if it's small. More information can be found in our Protocol and Standards document.

Sometimes, off-campus groups not vetted or recognized by Mission and Ministry try to draw students on campus into their ministries, even though this is not permitted. With so many diverse Christian groups already established at DePaul, we think our students can find a faith home within one of them - or start a student-led group themselves, if their needs are not being met!  If you have any questions or concerns about an outside group please contact Rev. Diane Dardón.  

Bringing Christians of all faith traditions together is a priority at DePaul. The Ecumenical Scholars promote such unity through education, worshipful events, and community building activities. For more information contact Diane Dardón.

Meet the Staff 

Please contact Rev. Diane Dardón for more information about DePaul Christian Ministries. 

Pastor Diane has a digital story about her call to ministry that you might want to watch.

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