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Hiring Faculty and Staff

Three types of positions are addressed in this section: full-time faculty; adjunct faculty; and staff.

Full-time Faculty — All academic units must obtain pre-authorization from Academic Affairs for any full-time faculty transaction:

  • Requesting new full-time positions: the dean of a college or school may request new full-time faculty positions through the annual SRAC process. Academic Affairs solicits new faculty position requests via an annual email communication, typically sent out in August. The Office of the Provost reviews all requests and then presents a comprehensive plan to SRAC for its consideration as it devises the entire university budget for presentation to the Board of Trustees.
  • Recruiting to replace/fill existing positions: In order to fill existing and anticipated vacant positions (retirements, non-renewals, etc) academic units must prepare a comprehensive recruitment plan. The plan must clearly identify positions for which the unit intends to recruit. Necessary information includes, but is not limited to, the following: status of the position; specialty of the faculty; and a data-driven rationale for recruiting. Early in the Autumn Quarter of each academic year, Academic Affairs communicates to the academic units the deadline to submit their recruitment plan.

For assistance with full-time faculty hiring please contact Senior Associate Vice President Academic Administration Alyssa Kupka (x2-6585).

Adjunct Faculty — The hiring of adjunct faculty takes place under the supervision and management of each college and/or school. Each unit is expected to have written guidelines for minimum faculty qualifications, the adjunct faculty hiring process, and adjunct faculty evaluation. The adjunct faculty minimum qualifications must meet the Higher Education Learning Commission requirements as outlined in this document.

Colleges and schools are expected to formalize the terms of employment by using the following documents:

Colleges and schools are responsible for collecting and completing all requisite hiring documents. A complete set of such documents is available on the Human Resources website, under the New Employee Section of the Forms page.

For assistance with adjunct faculty hiring, please contact Associate Provost Lucy Rinehart (x5-1785).

Staff — All academic units must obtain pre-authorization from the Office of the Provost for any staff transaction:

  • creating a new position
  • filling an existing vacancy
  • modifying an existing position
  • processing an off-cycle salary increase

For assistance with full-time staff hiring, please contact either Senior Associate Vice President Academic Administration Alyssa Kupka (x2-6585), AVP Academic Administration Cheryl Einsele (x2- 8489) or Faculty Administration Manager Amaris Casiano-Zoko (x2-8755).

All position requests require authorization from the Office of the Provost, so requests should be submitted through Academic Affairs to start the process. Once authorization is obtained from the Office of the Provost, the requesting unit's authorized individual will need to perform the necessary steps within the Position Data Request area of Campus Connect to continue the hiring process.