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Innovation Through Collaboration

At the request of faculty council in the spring of 2014, Academic Affairs has launched the Innovation through Collaboration Initiative to accelerate and enhance the current culture of innovative and collaborative research and instruction, to foster synergies and develop working relationships across departments, disciplines, and colleges, and to build and strengthen collaborations with industry and community partners. The initiative includes the following activities:

The Appointment of a Task Force on Cross-College Collaboration

Faculty Council has appointed a task force of up to two members from each of DePaul’s 10 colleges to provide input on this initiative.

Internal Grants in Support of Collaborative Research and Teaching

Beginning in the Spring of 2015, a number of new internal grants were established and specifically targeted to provide support for collaborative research projects and collaborative curriculum projects. Depending on the specific grant, the support can take the form of money for materials, supplies, and equipment; stipends; and/or space that is dedicated to the research/curriculum team.

Networking, Brainstorming, and Professional Development Activities

Since Winter 2015, informal gatherings and professional development opportunities have been held to encourage faculty to think collaboratively, build skills and techniques that make collaborative teaching and research more effective, and to enhance current and new partnerships with colleagues from other disciplines and the community.

The Creation of Topical Affinity Groups

Topical affinity groups have been created to provide a platform for faculty across the university to engage with colleagues with similar interests in order to form new research and/or curriculum development teams. The affinity groups, which currently include over 200 faculty members from all 10 colleges, are Health, Data, Chicago, Sustainability, and Social Impact.

Collaboration Spaces

Academic Affairs will dedicate space on the Loop campus to collaborative activities. Part of this space will be reserved for recipients of internal grants, while the remainder of the space will be designed as a collaborative space available to all faculty members. On the Lincoln Park campus, Academic Affairs and the Library have partnered to identify space that is dedicated to collaborative activities.

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