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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) and the Arts


As units across DePaul University work to fulfill their commitments to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility, I.D.E.A + the Arts DePaul will celebrate and champion the diverse narratives that form our university community and beyond. A university-wide effort, ​​​ I.D.E.A + the Arts DePaul will use DePaul's various artistic platforms as catalysts for sparking much-needed dialogue and community engagement. For more information, please see the program goals

I.D.E.A. + the Arts DePaul will invite faculty, staff, and students from across our university to promote their arts-based inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (I.D.E.A.) programs and events through our new I.D.E.A. + the Arts DePaul digital platform. Our goal is to provide an inclusive calendar that highlights the multitude of learning opportunities across DePaul's campus representing I.D.E.A. issues and ideas through a creative or artisitic lens.

By culling together our DePaul-connected lectures, programs, performances, exhibitions and screenings and more into one, easily accessible calendar of events, we hope to build more campus-wide awareness of the critically important work being done in the arts and I.D.E.A. Our hope is that this will also better connect our university beyond our specific disciplines or units, in order that we may all learn, grow, and build change together.

The I.D.E.A. + the Arts DePaul committee--composted of members from DePaul's Theatre School, the School of Music, DePaul Art Museum, The Art School, and the John T. Richardson Library and Art Gallery-will provide specific opportunities throughout the year to engage in more intimate post-event discussions, feedback sessions, and debriefings while creating physical and digital safe-spaces for those students, faculty, and/or staff wishing to continue their important and challenging work outside of a larger event setting. Because, it is not only the presentaion of these ideas that is important, but the difficult conversations in safe environments that are essential to our progress as a community.

Our definitions of art and creative-based programming that is centered on inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility are broad and we encourage colleagues from a range of disciplines, departments, groups, and centers to submit their programs through out digital platform, so that more of us may know about, promote, and attend your I.D.E.A. specific programming whether it be open to campus-only or the general public in our city. Programs, meetings, discussions, screenings, games, performances, exhibitions, and more that have been pre-planned are not only welcome, but encouraged for inclusion in the I.D.E.A. + the Arts DePaul calendar.

Please use this form to submit programs, events, installations, exhibitions, performances, workshops, and other happenings for consideration and inclusion in the IDEA calendar. Submissions are accepted on an on-going basis.