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Continuing Education

After having completed the initial basic education training requirement in CITI, all personnel who remain engaged in human subjects research are required to complete continuing education once every three years. They must obtain an overall passing score of 80% on the quizzes in order to remain certified to conduct human subject research. The date for having to complete the continuing education is dependent upon the date of completion of the initial basic training. New IRB approvals will not be granted and active protocols may be suspended if the continuing education requirement has not been completed in time. 

Although ORS-Research Protections staff will attempt to send reminder notices regarding the need to complete the required continuing education, it is the responsibility of the researcher and the Principal Investigator (PI) for a specific protocol to ensure that the continuing education requirement has been completed by each person listed on the protocol as personnel prior to the expiration date. If there is a substantial lapse in education certification (e.g., 6 months) for any reason, the individual researcher may have to retake the initial training course in order to be re-certified.

Continuing Education Requirement

Every 3 years. May be satisfied by one of the following (approximately 1-2 hours to complete).

  • Completion of the on-line CITI Refresher Course modules indicated for DePaul University and your user group (Faculty/Staff, Outside Collaborator, Student, IRB Members and Staff).
  • Attendance at one seminar, meeting, or conference with the primary focus on human subject research issues and that offers a certificate of completion or attendance or continuing education hours as documentation of attendance or another offering approved by ORS_Research Protections staff. The ORS-Research Protections website will list some offerings that satisfy this continuing education requirement.
    If you are unsure whether an offering would meet this requirement, contact the Director of Research Compliance at 312-362-7593 or . In order to aid in determining the acceptability of an offering, please be prepared to provide an outline of the materials covered.

Example of How the Continuing Education (CE) Renewal Period Will Be Applied

For researchers who complete the initial basic education program in order to submit a new protocol, they must complete the 3 year continuing education (CE) courses (CITI refresher or comparable course) 364 days from the completion date of the initial training. Individual research personnel will have differing CE anniversary dates. Although ORS-Research Protections staff will attempt to send reminder emails to research personnel regarding the need to complete continuing education, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure the training is completed and current every 3 years. 

Ultimately the PI of a particular study protocol is responsible for ensuring and maintaining study records for initial and continuing education for his/her research personnel. The reminder emails from ORS-Research Protections staff will be sent to the individual and if their training affects another PI’s study, the email will be copied to the PI of that study. ​