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Collaborating Investigators, International, Subcontractors

Many research projects involve collaborators who are not DePaul students, faculty or staff. These collaborators may be at other academic institutions or other community settings. Any collaborators that would be engaged in the conduct of the research are expected to complete training in human subjects research. 

If the collaborators work in a setting where they already have local or institutional training/educational requirements, DePaul University will recognize this initial education or training. The training should be current in that it should have been completed in the 3 years prior to their collaboration with a DePaul researcher. If the collaborators work in a setting where they do not already have an institutional training requirement (e.g., persons in private practice, public schools, or community hospitals or organizations), they should fulfill DePaul University’s training requirement or an alternative training program should be developed and implemented by the PI to satisfy the training requirement. Any alternative training plans must be included in the research protocol and must receive IRB approval.

International Collaborators

If the DePaul researcher has collaborators from other countries who may benefit from training in other languages, CITI has modules available in Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. Other languages may be made available in the future. Not all CITI modules have been translated for each language, so the number of modules available will differ depending upon the language requested. The completion of the required modules in each language as assigned by DePaul will meet the initial training requirements for foreign collaborators. 

In addition, we may accept local training that is equivalent to human subject research ethics training as provided in CITI.