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Forms & Templates

Opening PDF Files

If you click on one of the fillable PDF forms (i.e., continuing review, exempt application, final report) and you get a message that states:

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Check whether you have a pop-up window asking you to open the document with a different viewer. If you do, then select Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (if you have that software). If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download a free version

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Please Note: The Online eProtocol submission system will be live beginning June 1, 2020 (Please see the IRB Protocol Portal tab on the left). This means that all new IRB protocols submitted on or before June 1, 2020 must be submitted through the portal. Do not use the forms below to submit a new protocol after June 1, 2020, but the forms below and the companion instructions, can be used as references for the content of the forms. You will still be using the information sheet and informed consent templates below. If you have an already approved protocol that was submitted using the older WORD forms or the fillable PDF forms and therefore have a paper file in our office, you may continue to use the paper forms below. ORS and the IRB will determine on a protocol per protocol basis which protocols should be converted to the eProtocol online format.

Documents for Exempt Studies

Document Posted

Exempt Application Instructions 01/2019
Information Sheet Template

Please Note: See Submitting a New Protocol section of the policy and procedures page for additional required materials.

Documents For Expedited/Full Board Review

Document Posted

Expedited/Full Application Instructions 01/2019
Adult Consent Template
Instructions for Completing Adult Consent Template 01/2019
Parent-legal guardian permission template
Instructions for Completing the Parent/Legal Guardian
Permission Template
Parent-legal guardian permission Template for Research Conducted in CPS
Instructions for Completing the Parent-Legal Guardian Permission Template for Research Conducted in CPS
Assent Template Instructions 02/2019
Assent Template Ages 7-10 09/2020
Assent Template Ages 11-13 09/2020
Assent Template for Ages 14-17

Please Note: See Submitting a New Protocol section of the policy and procedures page for additional required materials.

Please Note: For recommended consent language for special specific circumstances such as a blood draw, video recordings, or HIV testing review our guidance document at Guidance Page.

Other Documents

Document Posted
Amendment Application Form 02/2019
Amendment Application Instructions 02/2019
Co-Investigators and Key Research Personnel Form 07/2016
Continuing Review Progress Report Form 02/2019
Continuing Review Progress Report Instructions 02/2019
Final Report Form 02/2019
Final Report Instructions 02/2019
Confidentiality Agreement Template 10/2013
Confidentiality Agreement Instructions 10/2013

Reportable Event Prompt Reporting Form                                                                                                        6/2020

Reportable Event Prompt Reporting Form Instructions                                                                              6/2020

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