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Required Receiving Training

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Required Receiving Training/Education

All personnel who will be responsible for receiving and unpacking biohazadous agents, recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules, or select agents or toxins MUST complete the Receiving Training/Education prior to receiving any biohazardous materials.

Individuals who are ONLY receiving biohazardous materials are not required to take shipping training. Individuals who are receiving shipments of biohazardous materials must complete training/education by reading the “Training/Education and Guidance for Receipt of Biohazardous Materials ” document and providing their assurance of completing training/education following the instructions on the document. The training/education is required in order to ensure that the individual is knowledgeable regarding the risks related to the agent they are receiving, storage and handling requirements for the agent, and packaging requirements in case of receipt of damaged packages.

Documentation of completion of the training/education will be maintained by the Office of Research Services. Copies of the documentation should be kept by the Principal Investigator for the specific IBC protocol in their research records.