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What Requires Review

The IBC policy applies to all DePaul faculty, staff, or students engaged in research or teaching activities involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules, biohazardous agents (as defined in the IBC policies), select agents or toxins under their role or duties as a DePaul employee or student at DePaul (i.e., teaching or research), including listing their affiliation with DePaul in any resulting publications, presentations, or other method of disseminating the research results when the projects meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • They are Federally funded, funded by other external sources, are sponsored (funded) by DePaul University, or unfunded (no funds of any kind will be utilized to conduct the activity)
  • They are conducted using DePaul owned property and facilities or under the direction of DePaul personnel off DePaul's campus or in non-DePaul facilities when these activities are not covered under the policy of another institution's IBC or the site is otherwise not regulated
  • They involve receiving, storing, using, transferring, or disposing of these materials at DePaul owned facilities or on DePaul property
  • They involve research at other institution conducted on behalf of DePaul, such as when grant work is subcontracted and DePaul is the lead site