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About Us

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is a federally-mandated research oversight committee charged with ensuring the safe acquisition, use, and disposal of all bio hazardous agents (including recombinant and synthetic nucleic acid molecules, infectious materials, and select agents) at DePaul University. It is the responsibility of the IBC to establish appropriate health and safety policies in accordance with federal regulations and guidelines that govern biological safety and to evaluate research and teaching activities at DePaul for biological safety considerations.

IBC Members

Joanna Brooke, PhD, Chair Department of Biological Sciences
David George, Vice Chair University of Chicago
Kathleen Abma Environmental Health and Safety
Jeremie Fant Chicago Botanic Garden
Janine Kirin
Research Support Facility
JingJing Kipp Department of Biology
Justin Maresh, Vice Chair Department of Chemistry
Nicolette Zielinski-Mozny, DVM, PhD Northwestern University
Emily Opalski (alternate Abma) Compliance and Risk Management
Brian Henson (alternate Abma) Compliance and Risk Management
Diana Alfaro* Office of Research Services - Academic Affairs
Susan Loess-Perez* Director of Research Compliance - Academic Affairs
Lawrence Hamer* Vice President for Research
*ex-officio advisors¬†‚Äč