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Forms & Templates

​Announcement:  The online paperless eProtocol system was implemented for the IBC effective January 2, 2020. This means that all new IBC protocols should be submitted through that system. Please go the tab called IBC Protocol Portal on the left navigation bar for more information about the online submission process. All currently approved protocols are being transitioned to the electronic system as soon as possible. The forms below are for reference sake and should not be used for new submissions. If you have a protocol that has not been transitioned and you need to submit an amendment or annual renewal, please contact Jessica Bloom at 312-362-6168 for assistance.

DePaul University researchers can download and complete submission forms for research involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules and biohazardous agents.

Before submitting an application, please follow the below protocol preparation guidelines:

  • If this is your first time going through the IBC, please review the Getting Started webpage.
  • Determine the risk level of the agent and the Biosafety Containment Level (BSL). Currently, only research or teaching activities meeting the criteria for either BSL 1 or 2 containment procedures can be conducted at DePaul University. Information on the BSL and Risk Group Levels can be found in the Risk Groups & Biosafety webpage.

Opening PDF Files

If you click on one of the fillable PDF forms (i.e. RSF Access Request Form, IACUC Alternative Training documentation, Request for Approval of Alternate IACUC Training Methods) and you get a message that states:

Please wait… If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document, your PDF viewer may not be able to display this type of document…

Check whether you have a pop-up window asking you to open the document with a different viewer. If you do, then select Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (if you have that software). If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download a free version at:

If you have the latest version of Adobe Reader, then this message means your web browser (i.e., Chrome, Firefox) settings need to be reset so PDFs can open in Adobe Reader and not in a default (Preview) setting. It is best to not use Chrome for our PDF forms. Firefox works best as a browser for these forms.


Initial Application Documents

All initial protocols should be submitted through the eProtocol online submission system at

Amendments, Adverse Event/Noncompliance, Renewal and Final Closure Report Documents

Use this form to report to the IBC any serious adverse events, any non-compliance with the NIH Guidelines, BMBL, or DePaul policy, or any significant research-related accident or illness leading to, or potentially leading to, harm or that is dangerous to humans, animals, and/or the environment.
Posted: 09/12/2016

All amendments, renewals, and final reports should be submitted through the eProtocol online submission system at

Other Documents & Resources

This form is to be used to document receipt of the hepatitis B vaccination, declination of the hepatitis B vaccination, or the desire to receive the Hepatitis B vaccination through DePaul. This form must be completed by all personnel working on a protocol with potential blood borne pathogen exposure as  potential risk.
Posted: 9/10/2021

 This document provides background information as to why the IBC  requires that personnel who have exposure to  human blood or other agents that may contain blood borne pathogens need to complete the Hepatitis B Vaccination/Declination Statement and submit that document with the IBC protocol materials to the IBC.

Posted: 11/11/2019

Use this form when your work requires a vaccination with something other than the Hepatitis B vaccination series. This form can be edited to any vaccination type.
Posted: 9/10/2021 (revised)