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Yes. All uses of live vertebrate animals in teaching, research or testing must be approved in advance by the DePaul University IACUC, before any animals are collected, ordered, or obtained or before having any interaction or initiating an observational study or activity.

Yes. DePaul University is covered by an Animal Welfare Assurance therefore, it must comply with PHS Policy. PHS Policy doesn't distinguish between field studies and laboratory studies. Therefore, PRIOR to starting a field study the researcher MUST submit an IACUC protocol application and receive IACUC approval.

No, but you should inform the IACUC that work with fertile eggs is commencing. Send an email to the Director of Research Protections before work begins.

Protocols should be submitted at least 8 weeks before the use of animals is to begin. The IACUC meets only once per month during the academic year, and many protocols require revisions before they can be approved.

Most agencies require documentation of IACUC-approval before awarding grants, but researchers are not required to have secured IACUC-approval prior to submitting the grant proposals. Researchers should check with the granting agency to determine the deadline for documenting IACUC approval and should work with the Office of Research Services to ensure that protocols are submitted with sufficient time for IACUC review and approval.

These housing arrangements should be part of your protocol application. They must be approved by the IACUC before any animals arrive. Housing guidelines are outlined in the Animal Care and Use Handbook.